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Johnno's Camper Trailers

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St Helens
Maryborough Qld, 4650

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An Industry Snapshot...

Camper trailers are becoming increasingly popular with those who want to get out and experience the great outdoors firsthand.

ExplorationNestled between the traditional caravan and the humble tent, a camper trailer is a terrific alternative - offering more comfort and facilities than a tent without the restrictions imposed by having to tow and store a caravan.

Another sector of the RV market that has grown in recent years, particularly in relation to caravans and camper trailers, is the availability of off-road units. A well built off-road model offers much greater exploration freedom.

Who’s going camping?

This is the era of the Baby Boomers finally coming of age, with a steady increase in the numbers of all those born since 1942 now reaching retirement. As they approach retirement there will be more of them with bigger superannuation packages to spend on tourism and recreation.

Commonly dubbed the Grey Nomads, they collectively represent the fastest growing market segment of domestic tourism, expanding at an annual rate of about 15 per cent and injecting $2 billion into the economy every year.

While the market is dominated by older couples and ‘empty nesters’, there has also been a marked increase in the number of young families, especially in the camper trailer market. These are typically families in which the parents have been brought up with high-rise holidays and want to get outdoors more with their kids.

4WDThere is also a segment of the tourism market that is not interested in five star travel – RV holidays appeal to them. There was a time when ‘caravanners’ and ‘campers’ were defined as budget-conscious tourists travelling as inexpensively as possible, but camping has now become a culture of its own and is attracting enthusiasts from right across the social spectrum.

It is without doubt one of Australia’s greatest levellers. At any caravan park or campsite, you’ll have an executive setting up a brand new rig next to an old timer with a 30 year old van - and they’ll sit down and have a beer together.

*Information sourced through the Bureau of Tourism Research and the Caravan Industry of Australia.